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SHB, MSB và SeABank cam kết tài trợ cho Vietnam Airlines vay 4.000 tỷ đồng

Vietnam Airlines hiện đang có số nợ phải trả quá hạn 6.240 tỷ đồng. Như vậy, số tiền được vay từ SHB, MSB và SeABank tương đương khoảng 2/3 số nợ phải trả quá hạn.

Vietnam Airlines licensed to conduct 12 repatriation flights from US

Vietnam Airlines has officially been licensed to operate 12 flights repatriating Vietnamese citizens from the US this year, the national flag carrier said on June 10.

Transport enterprises suffer heavy losses

Four COVID-19 outbreaks in a single year have pushed transport businesses deeper into losses.

Vietnam Airlines’ frontline personnel inoculated against COVID-19

As many as 1,500 frontline employees of national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines are being vaccinated against COVID-19 from May 13 to 20.

Vietnam Airlines presses on with ambitions for US route

After a tough year for aviation groups, Vietnam Airlines is pinning high hopes on the take-off of direct flights to the United States, with the two countries scaling up preparations to complete the process.

Vietnam Airlines to open six new routes in peak season

Vietnam Airlines is set to expand its domestic flight network between April 24 and August 31 to meet the higher demand during the summer’s peak travel season.

Airlines catch glimpse of light at the end of tunnel

While some low-cost airlines are insisting they made some remarkable gains in 2020, accelerating plans to open international routes are to further help other struggling Vietnamese airlines that continue to seek financial support to get through the heavy losses forced on them by pandemic restrictions.

Vietnam Airlines unveils coveted US flight proposals

Vietnam Airlines’ dream of a direct commercial flight to the United States is being quickened as a way to shelter from the financial trouble amid the pandemic, with repatriation flights being the pre-runner for future non-stop journeys across the Pacific Ocean.

Vietnam Airlines Group expanding domestic flights

The Vietnam Airlines Group, comprising Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, and Vasco, will increase flight numbers on nearly 30 domestic routes starting from March 28.

Vietnam Airlines JSC is planning to repair APU for A321

Vietnam Airlines JSC is planning to repair APU for A321 fleet from 2021-2024. If there would be of your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us with details as follows:

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