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Vietnam Railways strengthens cargo transportation to ease losses

VNR is enhancing cargo transportation to ease losses from passenger transportation as COVID-19 continues to hurt the industry.

Cooperation plans still on hold amid railway system revamp

While state-owned giant Vietnam Railways’ new restructuring plan is expected to leverage private investment in the ailing railway industry, the track to prosperity remains steep.

Vietnam Railways saved with allocation of maintenance funding

The railway industry is now back on a firm track as the prolonged troubles over state funding for railway maintenance have been averted.

Transport enterprises suffer heavy losses

Four COVID-19 outbreaks in a single year have pushed transport businesses deeper into losses.

Creaking infrastructure bites into rail network’s potential

As there is yet to have a solution to the long-existed allocation of state funding for railway maintenance, stakeholders are expected to face possible hardships if trains are derailed, urging the government to soon take actions to help the industry sidestep the impasses.

Cross-border railway hopes remain stuck on the tracks

The dream of state-owned railway giant Vietnam Railways to develop an Asia-Europe railway link could go nowhere unless a breakthrough change in state policy emerges to open the door for domestic and international private ventures.

VNR plans new railway stations to increase connectivity 

Vietnam Railways is planning to build new railway stations, warehouses, and logistics areas to increase connectivity with IPs and other means of transport.

Transport enterprises adjust to grab profits

Amid serious impacts on business from COVID-19, Vietnam’s state-owned transport giants like Vietnam Railways, Vietnam Maritime Corporation, and Vietnam Airlines have been setting focus on new areas in a bid to minimise losses.

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