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How Vietnam can remain a foreign investment sweet spot

Foreign direct investment into Vietnam has grown exponentially in the last three decades.

Climate summit highlights urgency of sustainable action

Vietnam has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing emissions and increasing support for green energy towards climate recovery and, to restoring its economy in a resilient and sustainable manner.

Vietnam takes action to clean out ocean environs

By 2030, Vietnam’s fishing and tourism industry will suffer if nothing is done to fight plastic pollution, figures warn.

Drawing up plans to buttress recovery

The ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has led to huge demands for capital for Vietnam to support local production.

Companies eager to take pandemic vaccine initiative

A number of international businesses in Vietnam are seeking a licence for COVID-19 vaccination and RT-PCR test kit imports out of their own pocket in order to take the initiative in funding and to accelerate the government’s vaccination drive.

Vietnam remains attractive among foreign investors despite COVID-19

Vietnam is still a popular investment destination for foreign investors, who poured 14 billion USD into the country during the first five months of the year.

Unlocking Vietnam as a promising auto market

The competition in the Vietnamese automobile market is increasingly fierce, being fuelled by various bilateral and multilateral trade agreements such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership..

Tax filing extension a modicum of relief

While welcoming the government’s new supporting policy, foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam are seeking more assistance to survive the COVID-19 storm and spur recovery.

US recovery ripple effect for Vietnam

Along with many nations, the US economy is recovering, leading to a rise in the demand for goods imported from Vietnam amid the two economies witnessing their heyday in bilateral trade and investment ties on the back of various motives, including a huge recently-enacted fiscal scheme initiated by the US government.

Labour export restriction exacerbated

The re-emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the labour export situation for Vietnam with entry to some key markets remaining almost impossible.

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