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US IPO of VinFast could be delayed due to scrutiny over SPAC

VinFast – the vehicle arm of Vietnam’s biggest conglomerate Vingroup – may have to delay its initial public offering (IPO) in the US due to heightening scrutiny over US regulations. 

VinFast to temporarily close Australian R&D division due to COVID-19

VinFast is planning to temporarily close its research and development (R&D) centre in Melbourne, Australia due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vingroup steps up overseas investment to realise global ambitions

Vingroup will pour an additional $300 million into the US market, to prepare for the sale of its new electric car models and smartphones.

Vingroup lays it all on the table in name of progress

Reports that Vingroup is considering an initial public offering in the United States for car unit VinFast are just the latest in a dizzying number of actions being looked at or carried out by Vietnam’s largest conglomerate. Is the sky truly the limit for the group and its founder Pham Nhat Vuong?

Big-shot groups aim again for IPO success

The vehicle arm of Vietnam’s biggest conglomerate, along with one of the country’s newest airlines, are both pondering fundraising activities involving listing on the New York Stock Exchange – a first for any Vietnamese company after several aborted attempts in the past years.

VinFast fundraising proposals a neccessary action

The ever-growing demand and excitement for high-quality funds has prompted Vietnamese corporations to go abroad in the search of a successful listing. Nick Ainsworth, chief of marketing at Dragon Capital, sat down with VIR’s Celine Luu to discuss the benefits and obstacles associated with these overseas listings.

VinFast rumoured to be planning IPO in US

Vingroup is considering holding an IPO for VinFast in the US, to mobilise an estimated $2 billion, equivalent to the minimum asset value of $50 billion.

VinFast overcomes Ford and Honda in February automobile sales

In February, Vinfast automobile sales overcame Ford and Honda to rank the fourth position for the first time since its recent establishment.

VinFast invests in manufacturing solid-state batteries in Vietnam

VinFast and ProLogium (Taiwan) signed an MoU on strategic cooperation to manufacture solid-state batteries for electric cars in Vietnam.

Mở màn tháng đầu năm 2021, VinFast bán ra 90 xe mỗi ngày, trong đó riêng Fadil đã gần 60 chiếc

Trong đó Vinfast Fadil vẫn là dòng xe có doanh số tốt nhất, chiếm trên 60% tổng lượng xe bán ra của thương hiệu xe Việt trong tháng 1 vừa qua.

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