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Manufacturers localise supply to circumvent chip shortages

A global chip shortage is creating more pressure for manufacturers in Vietnam as they deal with slowed-down production for electronics and tech products, while local and overseas players are racing to prepare new premises for the production of much-needed supply.

VinSmart withdraws from smartphone and television market

VinSmart has stopped researching and manufacturing TVs and smartphones to focus on developing electronic products and infotainment systems for VinFast cars.

Vingroup steps up overseas investment to realise global ambitions

Vingroup will pour an additional $300 million into the US market, to prepare for the sale of its new electric car models and smartphones.

Vingroup reports net revenue of $4.8 billion in 2020

The increase in the sale of vehicles and mobile phones contributed to offsetting a plunge in revenue in the other sectors of Vingroup.

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