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World’s first launch of Visa Tap to Phone with Rapid Seller Onboarding

Visa is partnering with Sacombank for the world’s first launch of Tap To Phone with RSO, transforming smartphones and tablets into contactless POS terminals.

Visa and NextTech sign partnership to support social commerce merchants in Vietnam

Visa and NextTech Group will promote the adoption of digital payments among small business owners in Vietnam’s rapidly-growing social commerce sector.

Visa supports “Cashless Day” in joint effort to promote non-cash payments in Vietnam

Cashless Day, held annually on June 16 by Visa, aims to promote the adoption of non-cash payments to drive Vietnam towards a cashless society.

Vietnam leading the regional pack in embracing a cashless society

The Vietnamese government is looking to take the country towards relying less on cash when making purchases. Dang Tuyet Dung, Visa country manager for Vietnam and Laos, talked to VIR’s Hoang Anh about the potential future of a cashless society for the country.

Visa commits to supporting small businesses across Asia-Pacific

Visa announced supporting 10 million small businesses across the Asia-Pacific to get local communities back to business after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visa contactless payments set record growth as Vietnamese embrace cashless payments

Visa contactless transactions grew more than 500 per cent on-year in the first half of 2020, with the total value increasing more than 600 per cent.

Visa launches Where You Shop Matters campaign to help SMEs to go digital

The Where You Shop Matters campaign by Visa encourages consumers to support local businesses and help SMEs go digital following COVID-19.

Promoting financial literacy for nation’s students

Visa and the Central Committee of Vietnam Students’ Association have joined hands in a significant programme to help equip students with financial management skills as well as assisting them in executing startup ideas in practice.

Shopping habit focus for new Visa initiative

With a significant rise in e-commerce and cashless payments during the COVID-19 pandemic, global digital payment leader Visa has launched the “Where You Shop Matters” initiative through partnerships with Shopee and Now to provide a seamless online shopping experience.

Visa study uncovers untapped opportunity for smartphone payments in Asia-Pacific

As consumers and businesses increasingly turn to digital payments during COVID-19, Visa has accelerated the availability of tap to phone solutions in Vietnam

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