Unilever Vietnam pioneers in making sustainable development popular

Unilever Vietnam has been honoured at the Top 10 Sustainable Companies Vietnam Awards 2020, evaluated by the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development based on the Corporate Sustainability Index.
unilever vietnam pioneers in making sustainable development popular
Do Thai Vuong, vice president of Sustainable Development and Communications at Unilever Vietnam, receiving the sustainability award

This is the fifth consecutive year Unilever Vietnam wins this title, in recognition of its pioneering role and outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese enterprise community.

This year marks Unilever Vietnam’s 25th year of operation and development, during which the company has accompanied and supported the improvement of living conditions, sanitary conditions, and health for the Vietnamese people.

2020 is also the year Unilever Vietnam completes its 10-year Sustainable Development Plan (2010-2020).

unilever vietnam pioneers in making sustainable development popular
Unilever Vietnam and other awardees receiving the prime minister’s Certificate of Merit from VBCSD

“As one of the pioneering enterprises in sustainable development, we want to share our experiences and inspire other enterprises to make sustainable development popular in Vietnam,” said Vuong.

Until now, Unilever Vietnam has achieved the goal of improving the health and living conditions of more than 22 million Vietnamese people; shifting entirely to using renewable energy, reducing 43 per cent of water, and there is no harmful waste in its factory system in Vietnam.

In addition, the company engaged in training more than 3.7 million women and funded more than VND350 billion ($15.2 million) to support women in starting a career through microfinance programmes.

By Anh Duc

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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