URC Vietnam committed to delivering quality

URC, a leader in Vietnam’s fast-moving consumer goods arena, has made an unwavering commitment in product quality and sustainable efforts in order to delight more consumers this year.
tet 39 urc vietnam committed to delivering quality
Magic Crackers will give consumers a non-stop exciting experience

Vietnam, along with the rest of the world, experienced unprecedented difficulties in 2020 that disrupted all businesses, including the food and beverage category. The crises have changed consumer behaviour, attitude, and purchasing habits – and many of these new habits will become permanent.

As a leading player in Vietnam’s fast-moving consumer goods market, URC has led many new initiatives to stay agile and resilient in this new era. The company and its staff have strictly complied with the directions of the government as well as internal hygiene and safety policies to ensure the best state of health and safety for employees, partners, and the community.

Moreover, URC is committed to providing products of the highest quality to ensure the wellbeing of its consumers during the pandemic. To facilitate the goal, the company is focused on sourcing fresh materials, adopting unique formulas, and securing international food safety standards for its production processes. URC is also constantly seeking opportunities to innovate the offerings of its core lines of business to adapt to new habits. Specifically, URC has this year introduced new packaging for its products.

tet 39 urc vietnam committed to delivering quality

Impressive gift boxes

Filled with a variety of delicious Cream-O biscuits, the brand-new red tin is a great gift for family, friends, and partners to enjoy during Lunar New Year, with red being a popular colour in Vietnamese culture, symbolising luck, joy, and happiness.

Meanwhile, the festive eye-catching elements make the packaging design more attractive and liveable. Thus, the limited-edition seasonal tin is designed in red with a view to bring good luck, wishes, health and happiness for Vietnamese customers in the beginning of the New Year.

The assortments of Cream-O biscuits and Dynamite candies will definitely bring the excitement of experience for chocolate fans in every bite. In particular, Cream-O high-quality crunchy chocolate sandwich cookies flavoured with delicious rich cream will enhance the positive mood and satisfy the taste buds.

Meanwhile, pop in Dynamite choco-filled mint candy and let the delightful cool mint freshness blow you away as it burst into rich, creamy chocolate.

Chocolate is not only known for its beneficial aspects but also a symbol of love and commitment. Thus, chocolates are perfect gifts for your loved ones on special occasions like Lunar New Year. The perfect combination of chocolate biscuits and candies is ideal for the whole family to enjoy after dinner while settling down for a favourite festive TV show. When sweet Cream-O biscuits and unique flavoured Dynamite candies are used and shared among people, it will bring connection to contribute to a cosy and memorable family reunion.

A cracking melody of happiness

Another super-tasty treat for consumers this Lunar New Year is Magic Cracker, a high-quality, original, crunchy, and tasteful cracker filled with cream in the centre. Magic Cracker will give consumers a non-stoppable experience consuming cracker. Thus, your guests will love finding this cracker on the colourful tray full of candies and biscuits in the middle of the living room table.

Those looking for a novel burst of flavour in their midday snack can revel in Magic Twin Butter Cream. These baked goodies are seasoned with the mouth-watering goodness of butter cream flavours. Another yummy variant is Magic Creams Cracker Sandwich which has the right combination of the smooth and creamy goodness of condensed milk with crunchy crackers. Meanwhile, Magic Peanut Butter Cream has the delicious flavour of peanut that complements the buttery crunch of satisfying crackers.

tet 39 urc vietnam committed to delivering quality
C2 tea, which comes in various flavours, is popular with many

A fresh start with C2

As usual, Vietnamese consumers are very busy during the year-end season to prepare for the upcoming Tet holiday. Millions of Vietnamese flocks to bus stations to return to their hometown. The journey is often crowded and noisy, making you feel drained and exhausted. Understanding the hectic of consumers during Tet, C2 has set up so-called “C2 cooling stations” at busy spots for consumers to cool off their overheating moments.

There, the cooling station impresses consumers with a fresh hearted-shaped tea field, plus a giant impressive ancient tea tree. The tea field is a great stop for consumers before a long journey to their hometown, where customers can enjoy refreshing C2 lemon tea which provides pure flavour of green tea leaves from the highlands of Vietnam. Consumers can also take the buds from the old tea tree to earn gifts such as portable fans and neck pillows, which will help them ease fatigue and become more relaxing during the trip.

In addition, visitors can hang their wishes on the ancient tea tree to bring luck and peace for the new year. The ready-to-drink tea C2 is made with natural green tea leaves from the highlands of Vietnam, brewed and bottled in the same day to retain all the antioxidants and offer many health benefits to Vietnamese people such as anti-aging, anti-stress and lower cholesterol.

These products are testaments to URC’s efforts to bring quality and innovative items to consumers for a new year full of hope.

After a turbulent 2020, URC Vietnam will constantly develop and innovate for the benefit of consumers. In particular, with its clean material resources, a completely sterile, closed production process as well as versatile flavour and packaging design, URC will keep winning consumers’ hearts and accompany them in every happy moment of life.

Looking forward to 2021, URC will continue its mission to delight consumers with brands of exceptional quality and value, as well as answering the needs of consumers during the new normal: healthy products, on-the-go products, and meaningful products for a better life.

Popular goodies by URC through Lazada

URC has opened its official store on Lazada’s LazMall. Through the service, Cream-O, Magic Cracker, Dynamite, C2, and other URC snacks and beverages can easily be purchased in just a few clicks.

To order, simply use the Lazada mobile app or visit its website, enter the LazMall channel, search for URC products, and add them to a virtual basket. Upon checkout, customers can opt to pay cash on delivery or use credit/debit cards allowing for a convenient and safe way to satisfy food and drink cravings, all from the comfort of their homes.

By Thanh Van

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