Vinawind continuing to blow rivals away

After overcoming many rigorous evaluation rounds, the Vinawind brand of Thong Nhat Electromechanical JSC has become the only enterprise in the electric fan industry to be honoured as a national brand in this year’s Vietnam Value Programme. 
vinawind continuing to blow rivals away
Vinawind’s products are favoured in Vietnam’s north for their durability and longevity

Vu Dinh Dong, general director of Thong Nhat, explained that the programme represents huge support for businesses in managing themselves and going out in the world, thanks to the efforts of the government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and its Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency.

Over the years, Thong Nhat has been participating in many other programmes to enhance its prestige in making high-class products. But the fact that Vinawind was honoured as a national brand, is “a milestone for the company’s roadmap to develop the brand even stronger in the domestic market and gradually expand its exporting efforts to the region and the world,” said Dong.

After Vinawind was recognised, Thong Nhat took this as an impetus for pushing its products and designs to the market, and at the same time carry out more promotions to let consumers see their quality. Dong said, “The national brand status acts as a passport, helping the brand to travel to the regional and global markets, which is also the reason why the company applied for this year’s Vietnam Value Programme.”

Participating in the programme is a chance for Thong Nhat and other businesses to comprehensively re-evaluate their activities, financial results, and strategies. Right from registration, Vinawind met the criteria of the programme, as well as proving its core values of quality, innovation, and creativity.

Thong Nhat’s electric fans are highly appreciated by consumers for their quality, making the company the leading one across most of the northern market. However, as the market recently started to see electric fans appearing from China, Japan, and elsewhere, the company began facing fierce competition in pricing and product variety.

With the determination to maintain and develop a locally-established brand, Thong Nhat has carried out drastic reforms to improve quality and product variety, as well as reduce costs to compete with overseas players. The company is also changing its production models to include modern Industry 4.0 technologies and works on improving workers’ environment while reducing hazardous waste and increasing productivity.

As one of the first enterprises in the electric fan industry in Vietnam, Thong Nhat has made important contributions to the construction and development of the country. After 55 years of establishment and development, Vinawind has become one of the largest electric fan brands in the country, with a market share of over 50 per cent in the north and centre of Vietnam, reaffirming its foothold in the domestic and regional markets.

Throughout its existence, Thong Nhat has continuously been improving its manufacturing technology based on its experience. To proactively integrate into the international economy and bolster the firm’s foothold in the domestic and foreign markets, the company has also been investing in the renovation of its equipment and facilities.

To guarantee a steady quality and customers’ satisfaction, Thong Nhat applies a modern management system under international standards. As its product lines are meant to suit the needs of customers, raw materials used in production are purchased from reputable suppliers and the company applies many advanced and modern technologies in the production line, with strict quality assurance mechanisms in place at each production stage.

One key point of applying modern management systems, with some of them following the Japanese model, is to not only ensure continuously high quality and standards but also follow governmental and international limits to the discharge and usage of hazardous substances, all of which do not exceed the permitted limits.

Thong Nhat also researches to create products applying smart technologies to catch up with the need to integrate digital products into connected smart homes and cities. Meanwhile, the firm is establishing further electronic distribution channels to meet the rising market demand in the era of e-commerce.

Vinawind items have won the hearts of customers and are the first choice for many because of the fans’ outstanding features, beautiful design, durability, smooth operation, and competitive pricing. With those advantages, Vinawind products are seen by many as the industry’s standard for electric fans.

“Enduring generations” is the vision that guides the production and quality efforts of Vinawind fans. Most of Vinawind’s products are equipped with standardised engines and go through a strict manufacturing process which uses sturdy components with high durability and longevity that can reach 10-20 years, or even more. As a result, many families reported to the company that Thong Nhat’s fans are used by the parents’ generation and then given to their children, with the fans still working well.

Thus, compared to imported brands, Vinawind fans seem not inferior in terms of stability, capacity, and variety. In addition, as most models are built in an easy-to-fix way, customers do not need to spend much money on maintenance should there ever be an issue.

Based on its long experience and continuous improvement efforts, Vinawind is reaffirming its foothold as the leading domestic fan brand in Vietnam. To this end, the Vietnam Value Programme’s recognition supports the company with a huge boost in motivation to step-by-step realise its goals.

By Ky Anh

Nguồn: Vietnam Investment Review

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