VMED Group leads way in pioneering med-tech solutions

With an ambition to increase high-quality healthcare access to local people, VMED Group is instigating development of new med-tech solutions to reach more health facilities nationwide.
1532 p14 vmed group leads way in pioneering med tech solutions
VMED Group deputy director general Ngo Thanh Son (left) with Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long

With the global health crisis making negative impacts on countries and economies worldwide over the past 12 months, the health sector has nevertheless made great strides, creating breakthroughs in IT application to increase connectivity and digitalisation of services, and development of the telehealth platforms in Vietnam.

The Telehealth Development Scheme, introduced by the Ministry of Health (MoH) last year, is one such initiative marking a new milestone in the country’s digital transformation journey by bringing about better healthcare access to locals nationwide.

With effective directions and strong determination from the government and MoH, as well as support and accompaniment of hospitals and med-tech businesses, with VMED Group being among the pioneers, the scheme is expected to further contribute to increasing the value of the health sector.

With the vision to partner with the health sector on this path, VMED Group chairman Pham Quang Huy emphasised, “By pioneering supplying medical technology solutions to develop smart healthcare in Vietnam, VMED Group not only reaffirms its leading position but, even more importantly, is also realising its mission for a healthier and happier community.”

Huy said that the group will continue to deploy more intensive telehealth solutions for even more health facilities across the country. Moreover, it also eyes investment in potential startups in the medical IT segment, seeing great opportunities in offering consultancy and connecting them with mentors and investment funds. Meanwhile, VMED Group will also strive to become an active member of the medical IT community.

With strong enthusiasm, internal strength, and trust from the government and locals, VMED Group expects a continuation on the digital transformation path for Vietnam’s health sector.

After introducing a pilot last year, the project to connect more than 1,000 health centres to provide telehealth in Vietnam was inaugurated last September and will cover the 2020-2025 period.

By Nguyen Nam

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